How Do I Use An Activity Lists As An Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist?

  • Based on your clients' goals and objectives, find appropriate resources. On the resource page find associated activity lists. Play the activity list to see if any suggested ideas may be beneficial to use in your session. 
  • If you have not found what you need, you can make an activity list to match your plan. For example, you found the resource with the animals' images and you want to use them for a bear walk/animal walk activity.  You will create a new activity list with questions: How does a bear walk? How does a frog jump? The child will see an animal image on your laptop, you will ask him to play a dice game, dice will roll and your question will appear. Fun fact, what you write in the activity list can be played as a game (one feature of the Ambiki website)  and your client will get engaged in a unique way.
  • If you see your client via Teletherapy, you can share your screen and show the list of instructions or play the game that will make your session more interesting.