What Exactly is An Activity List and How Can It Be Used?

  • Activity Lists are lists of phonemes, words, minimal pairs, phrases, sentences, and/or conversations mostly related to the specific resource on Ambiki website. Also includes OT concepts, PT exercise routines, and FT food items that can be directly applied in your sessions. Activity lists are approved by Ambiki moderator therefore they are examples of best therapy practice on how to use the Resource or how to use them independently.  
  • Activity Lists target minor focus areas and task objectives during a session, so they can be easily copied to your notes. 
  • Activity lists can be used as a slide show, a game on the laptop during the session, or as a printable artifact to use in an in-person session.  
  • You can create your own Activity Lists to go with Resources.  
  • An activity list can also be a way for a therapist to demonstrate expertise on Ambiki. If a therapist creates an activity list, tagged to a specific focus area, and that activity list is immensely popular (favorited by many Ambiki users), this is a signal that user may have some expertise in that focus area.