Bilateral Fingers Hopscotch

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The left and right fingers perform simple yet attention-requiring bilateral activity simultaneously. One square - one finger (pointer), Two squares - two fingers (pointer and the middle finger). Movement is in the same rhythm for both sides (metronome beat could help 60 or 54 bpm.) The client should keep their eyes in focus on the middle to pay attention to both hands at the same time. Start with the same pattern for left and right, and gradually progress to asymmetric patterns. Min 10 x's repetition. Bilateral activities promote using the left and right hands (extremities) together; eye-hand coordination; focus and concentration; visual tracking; coding-decoding; body and kinesthetic sense awareness. Upgrade: Cut in the middle and increase the distance between the two patterns, or put in horizontally. Clients can also color the pattern and have fun. Occupational Therapy Resource. Fine Motor resource.  Concentration Resource. Pre-reading Resource. Pre-Writing Resource. 

Strategies and techniques

In-person. Teletherapy with the support to demonstrate the task and assure accuracy in performance.


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