Brain-Hand Exercise/Bilateral Coordination

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These symmetrical Bilateral Coordination exercises should be performed simultaneously with the left and right hands. Clients can use pencils, buttons, bottle tops, or simply their fingers. Movements need to be executed together, synchronized in a back-and-forth pattern (10xs), and mirror opposite to each other, following the dotted lines of the shape. If there is a line in between, do not cross it. If needed, use a metronome beat of 60 or 54 bpm to give rhythm to the movement. Upgrade: more complex shapes, draw a house, a tree with both L and R hands. Occupational Therapy Resource. Fine Motor Resources. Eye-hand Resource. Concentration Resource. Pre-reading resource. Attention Resource.

Strategies and techniques

In-person. Teletherapy with assistance to monitor, demonstrate and secure accuracy in execution.


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