Visual Schedules

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A visual schedule can be used in your speech, occupational, or physical therapy session to help children predict what is going to happen next and focus on the task at hand during therapy, easing transitions along the way.

50 visual schedules

Ambiki - hello


Hello with voice wh questions pronouns Goodbye with voice

Ambiki - kiss_food

Sensory feeding

Sensory feeding first/then

Ambiki - Annapolis-dinner-fork-1

Food trials

Mark off number of food trials

Ambiki - wash_hands

Book Time Visual Schedule

In this session, we will wash our hands and then read a book.

Ambiki - green screen

Teletherapy Demo

A visual schedule of topics covered in our teletherapy demo

Ambiki - work desk

Work then Bananagrams

A first/then for work and then playing the game Bananagrams.

Ambiki - Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 8.20.08 PM

Colton's Visual Schedule

Table, Play, Mirror, Play

Ambiki - warm-up

Therapist for a Day

A visual schedule for our training session with the hypothetical patient "Sam". Sam is a 7 y/o with a history of prematurity risk factor (born at 28 weeks) initially presenting with Grade 2 IVH (I...