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Ambiki release notes is where the Ambitious Idea Labs team publicly communicates new functionality added to Ambiki so that our users can stay on top of everything that is new.

11 release notes

Improvements to Email Deliverability (03/29/2022)

Ambiki has made updates to our email deliverability system. Previously there had been issues with teletherapy appointment reminders not being delivered to some popular email hosting providers such ...

Glossary Concepts (03/28/2022)

Visitors to Ambiki can now search and browse hundreds of speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and feeding therapy abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms. It can be challenging ...

Search And Browse Diagnosis Codes (03/24/2022)

Visitors to Ambiki can now search and browse diagnosis codes, as well as easily filter by those diagnosis codes typically used by speech, occupational, physical, and feeding therapists.

Teletherapy - Public Release (03/04/2022)

Teletherapy is now out of beta and available to all users. You can start a free trial today. Thank you to all of our users who have helped test and give feedback on the teletherapy platform.

Organization Management Features (03/04/2022)

Organizations can now easily invite teammates to join Ambiki under their organization. Additionally, Ambiki has released a permission management system which makes it simple to manage the permissio...

Multi-User Payments For Organizations (03/04/2022)

Ambiki now supports the ability for an organization to purchase and manage subscriptions for all users within their organization.

Teletherapy - Group Movements On Whiteboard (02/15/2022)

In Ambiki teletherapy, it is now possible to perform group movements/scaling/rotations for objects on the whiteboard.

Free Student Membership (02/10/2022)

Today Ambiki has released a free student membership. Visit the pricing page for more details. Ambiki offers the Gliding package as well as the Teletherapy add-on free to currently enrolled speech t...

Teletherapy - Typing On The Whiteboard (02/01/2022)

In Ambiki teletherapy, therapists and participants (if the whiteboard is unlocked) can directly type on the whiteboard by pressing the "T" icon situated on the toolbar as they would when using free...

Teletherapy - Observer Mode (01/21/2022)

Observer mode is a new teletherapy feature for Ambiki that enables therapists to easily supervise teletherapy sessions without disruption.

Ambiki Is Launched! (01/19/2022)

Ambiki is now live. A big thank you to all users who helped test and provide feedback on Ambiki prior to launch.