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Ambiki is revolutionizing EMR software for pediatric SLPs, OTs, and PTs by delivering tailored, high-quality solutions that enhance your practice and patient outcomes.

From goal banks and a resource library to AI-enhanced session planning, our therapy tools are thoughtfully designed to empower pediatric therapists with the resources they need to provide the highest quality care, all while minimizing stress in their practice.

Our HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform was custom-built for pediatric SLPs, OTs, and PTs and seamlessly integrates with many of our therapy tools, ensuring you can perform your sessions at your highest capacity with ease.

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Because therapists
deserve good tech

The Ambiki Difference

Innovative features

Ambiki features

We believe therapists deserve the most up-to-date technology. We do this by providing innovative and AI infused features designed to improve the quality of your care and software experience. We are also committed to bringing you these features through a visually appealing interface, specially tailored for use by pediatric therapists.

A dedicated team

Ambiki team

Our Ambiki team comprises of therapists and developers. Our developers understand healthcare and our therapists understand tech. This unique blend allows us to iterate swiftly and with intention. We may be a tech company, but with us, you will always have a team of real people who have your back.

Niche focus

Ambiki is a niche platform for SLPS, OTs and PTs.

We firmly believe that therapists deserve top-tier technology, and our unwavering dedication is directed towards serving SLPs, OTs, and PTs. Our exclusive concentration on therapists is a source of immense pride for us. This niche focus empowers us to deliver an unparalleled, specialized solution that fuels your practice’s growth and success.

Our Unique Features


Ambiki feature, Custom Form Builder, more info

Custom Form Builder

Create clinical documentation and intake paperwork that makes sense for your practice. Easily add customizable tables, formatting, multimedia, and other aspects to elevate your practice’s forms and documentation.

Ambiki feature, Billing and payments, more info

Billing and payments

Your one stop shop for all billing needs. File insurance claims, generate invoices and superbills, collect private payments, automatic ERA matching and more.

Ambiki feature, Patient Portal, more info

Patient Portal

Simplify the intake process, add payment methods securely, and share other important information with clients using our easy to access portal.

Ambiki feature, Streamlined Notes, more info

Streamlined Notes

Save yourself minutes with writing essentials like cloning tools, quick phrases, a comprehensive goal bank, automated parent-friendly summaries, and data tracking. Record audio of your sessions? Check out Tenalog.

Ambiki feature, Automated Progress Tracking, more info

Automated Progress Tracking

Simply save your note and Ambiki identifies what goals were targeted and collects data for meaningful tracking metrics and visuals.

Ambiki feature, Schedule, more info


Flexible and integrated scheduling makes it easy to find openings, compare teammate schedules, and send appointment reminders – all through Ambiki.

Ambiki feature, Patient Profiles, more info

Patient Profiles

Everything you need in one place. Log patient communication, track attendance metrics, upload multimedia, manage onboarding status, or update your waiting list.

Ambiki feature, Teletherapy, more info


More than a video conferencing software. Built-in animations, resources, whiteboard, visual schedule, and other tools to keep therapy connected virtually.

Coming soon!

  • Payroll Tracking

  • SMS Reminders

  • Audit Tools and Business Metrics

Our Team

Built by developers, perfected by therapists

Ambiki team

Our diverse team of therapists and developers craft intuitive software by listening to and implementing user ideas resulting in an enhanced platform tailored to the unique needs of pediatric therapists.

Our Philosophy

Therapists deserve the best!

The Ambiki philosophy

We believe that tech shouldn’t just be reserved for corporations, and that therapists deserve technology that matches their dedication to the patients they serve. We do this by offering an all-in-one platform infused with AI features that streamline workflows, elevate care, and reduce administrative burdens.