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Ambiki helped Sidekick grow its practice significantly in 3 short years

2019 2022
Therapists 65 150+
Disciplines served ST, FT ST, FT, OT, and PT
Cumulative teletherapy sessions 0 50,000+
Reliance on spreadsheets 0️⃣
Billing administrators 🤯🤯 😎

How did Ambiki help Sidekick Therapy Partners accomplish this growth?

  • A dramatic reduction in paperwork for both therapists and admins (which allowed them to have more time for sessions)
    • Therapists increased visits by 18% due to the reduced paperwork (which resulted in a 3.6% increase in revenue for Sidekick)
    • Electronic paperwork and faxing (Saved 5+ hours per day spent sending/receiving doctor order faxes)
    • Ambiki's Alerts feature allowed Sidekick Therapy Partners to ditch manual spreadsheet tracking of re-evaluation dates, insurance term dates, and more
  • Scheduling and caseload management tools
    • Reduction in unrealized IEP visits
  • Comprehensive financial and operational dashboards
    • Detailed reports and per-unit economics allowed Sidekick better insight into their business
    • Dashboards helped uncover uninvoiced sessions from when Sidekick Therapy Partners was on their prior EMR
  • Pain-free insurance billing and payroll
    • Reduced the average time from visit to payment by 17 days (major cash flow improvement!)
    • Reduced write-offs to zero
  • A best-in-class teletherapy platform that is directly integrated with the EMR
  • Smart and effective compliance
    • Fewer manual audit hours
    • Automated cloned notes analysis