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For therapists. Built by therapists.

A HIPAA compliant platform perfect for any pediatric SLP, OT, or PT looking to grow their practice. Designed with the needs of therapists, practice managers, and clients in mind.

Ambiki EMR Schedule

Everything your business and therapists need, all in one place

As the decision maker of a small to medium sized therapy practice, you know how important it is to streamline your business and increase efficiency. That's where Ambiki comes in. Our all-in-one platform offers everything your business and therapists need to succeed so that you can focus on patient care.

Ambiki Caseloads
  • Billing and Payments
    • Insurance billing
    • Invoicing
    • Double-entry accounting ledgers
    • Organization payroll (coming soon)
    • Patient payments
  • Clinical Documentation
    • Custom forms/templates
    • Discharges
    • Evaluations and assessments
    • Physician orders (coming soon)
    • Plan of care (POC) and goals
    • Progress reports (coming soon)
    • School plans
    • Electronic signatures
    • Visit notes
  • Patient Management
    • Alerts
    • Intake documents
    • Patient/parent communication
    • Patient profiles
    • Patient portal
  • Scheduling
    • Caseloads
    • Pacing
    • Schedule and calendar
  • Administrative Tools
    • Audit tools (coming soon)
    • Credentialing (coming soon)
    • Electronic faxing
    • Mileage (coming soon)
    • Organization dashboards

And so much more!

Manage all of your client needs, in one convenient space.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

Built by Therapists

Built by Therapists

Seamlessly Integrated

Seamlessly integrated

Billing & Payments

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Ambiki Billing and Payments

Take the pain out of insurance billing and invoicing

Ambiki makes insurance billing and patient payments a breeze. Our platform helped Sidekick Therapy Partners reduce write-offs to zero and improve their cash flow by reducing the average time from visit to payment by 17 days. With Ambiki's comprehensive financial dashboards and double-entry accounting its easy to manage the financial health of your practice.

Ambiki Financial Ledgers

Spend less time planning and scheduling

Ambiki’s schedule feature provides an easy and intuitive way for therapists to manage their busy days. Ambiki's interactive calendar system helps automate the process of creating, maintaining, and revising events scheduled for therapists and employees (both single and recurring events). Our goal is to give you time back, to focus on what really matters: treating your patients.

Ambiki Schedule


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Ambiki Schedule

Clinical documentation

Ambiki Goal Bank

Tailored to the needs of SLPs, OTs, and PTs

Therapists love our clinical documentation tools. Built by therapists, these tools make it easy to track the progress of your patient from evaluation through discharge.

  • Evaluations
  • Assessments
  • Plan of Care (POC) and integrated goal bank
  • Progress reports
  • Visit notes
  • Discharges
Ambiki Plan of Care (POC)

Easily manage large caseloads

Ambiki allows therapists and administrative staff to access and update important information about their patients in one convenient location. Ambiki patient profiles include a system for tracking a patient's status by discipline and setting. This helps to streamline care delivery and ensure that patients receive the support they need.

Ambiki Patient Profile

Patient management

Ambiki Alerts
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