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Tenalog™ - $1 per session

Record the audio of your session, and let our smart system auto-generate a full transcript with speaker labels, a visit note, error analysis, parent summary, and the next session's plan - empowering you to focus all of your attention during the session on your client.

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Ambiki offers the Therapy Tools and Teletherapy add-ons free to current graduate students and professors. Visit Ambiki Access for Students to learn more.

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Helping clinics thrive and allowing therapists time to return to what really matters: your clients.

Client Testimonial

"Before Ambiki, we were very manual. Because we had separate spreadsheets and billing systems and therapist note systems, we burdened the therapists with extra steps and paperwork that slowed them down and burned them out. With Ambiki's streamlined, end-to-end platform, our therapists focus on doing what they love: serving kids! They need less paperwork time, they effectively get paid more, they go home earlier, and they're happier / more likely to stay!"

- Dave H., Sidekick Therapy Partners

Waste Reduction

Ambiki can assist in a dramatic reduction in paperwork saving 5+ hours of time per day. Scheduling and caseload management tools also aid in minimizing unrealized IEP visits.

Increased Efficiency

Ambiki has assisted clinics in reducing the average time from visit to payment by 17 days, leading to major cash flow improvements.

All-In-One Solution

Ambiki has everything you need, all in one platform. A best-in-class EMR, integrated therapy tools, and a teletherapy platform designed specifically to meet the needs of SLPs, OTs, and PTs.

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