Choose a plan that meets your needs as an individual therapist or the place you work

$0 /mo

Tools you can start using for free, and upgrade as you grow

Basic Ambiki profile
Public PDF resources
Public activity lists
Unlimited visual schedules
Public goal bank
Reference links
$9 /mo

Giving you the power of evidence-based practice and the tools to manage your complex caseloads with ease

Enhanced Ambiki profile
Ambiki PDF resources
Ambiki activity lists
Create custom visual schedules
Ambiki goal bank
Goal configuration tool
Browse/manage your favorites
Personalized content recommendations
$59 /mo

A world-class EMR (electonic medical records) suite for your clinic or school

A full-featured EMR
Scheduler with secure messaging
Care plans / goals
Evaluations / assessments
Advanced visit note editor
Patient portal
Practice management dashboards
...much, much more!
Ambiki Student Membership

Ambiki Free Student Membership

Ambiki offers the Gliding package as well as the Teletherapy add-on free to currently enrolled speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy graduate students (and professors). Visit Ambiki Access for Students to learn more.

Teletherapy Add-On

Can be added to any plan you choose, even the Free plan

$20 /mo

Effective, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy designed for SLPs, OTs and PTs

Easy appointment management
Chat featuring Chat Correct™
Click Beacon™
Screen share
Green screen
Visual schedule
Safe Oasis™ de-identified group teletherapy (first and only!)
Observer mode
Visual timer
Manage your patient's layout
Resource library
Ambiki Teletherapy
Ambiki Materials - what's included in Free vs Gliding?

Feature comparison chart

Free Gliding
Ambiki profile
Display links to your other profiles or pages (TPT, Instagram, etc.)
Improved directory listing
Activity lists
Create activity lists
Access to public activity lists
Unlimited private activity lists
Access to Ambiki activity lists
View related activity lists
View word images (if available)
PDF Resources
Create resources
Access to public resources (download or use in teletherapy)
Unlimited private resources
Access to Ambiki resources (download or use in teletherapy)
Play all games
Use activity lists in games
Visual schedules
Create visual schedules
Create custom cards
Select reveal images to use
Create custom reveal images
Add, remove, or rearrange cards in a visual schedule while using it
Can choose display options (image only, text only, image and text)
Unlimited private visual schedules
Minimal pairs
Search based on a target minimal pair
Print minimal pair based on search filters
Automatically generate an activity list based on the minimal pair search results
Create goals
View goal component highlighting
Access to public goal bank
Unlimited private goal bank
Access to Ambiki goal bank
Goal configuration tool
Reference links
Add reference links
Use Ambiki's Chrome browser extension to save reference links
Favorite content (activity lists, resources, goals, etc.) throughout the site
Browse/search/manage your favorites

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