How Do I Add Images and Definition to the Words I Just Created In the Word List?

  • Ensure you have permission to manage "words" and "definitions."
  • Use images that do not require payment to licensing, such as;; 
  • Crop and resize the image to 500 pixels by 500 pixels JPG and name the image to match the word. 
  • Go to your Dashboard/ Activity Lists/ Word List (you created)
  • Click to the new word without the image, definition, and examples (i.e. Rudolph, ribbon) 
  • Click “Add one”, add the image and the definition and click “Save”. 
Add one image, definition, and example.
Added image, definition, and examples.
      NOTE: Don’t use the definition from any dictionary verbatim. Do a Google search to get a feel for what a definition should generally be and then create your own