How Do I Use Quick Phrases?

Last updated: February 02, 2024

How to use Quick Phrases 

Quick Phrases can be used on any clinical documentation but for the purposes of demonstration we will use visit notes as an example. 
To use Quick Phrases ensure you’re signed into Ambiki and on the main dashboard: 
  1. On the left navigation, click on ‘Patients’.  
Selecting 'Patients' from the left navigation.

2. Select the patient that you would like to create the visit note for by clicking on their name.  
Clicking on a patient's name to access their profile.


3. Towards the left side of the page, click on ‘Visit notes’ and create a visit note (Please see our FAQ on how to create visit notes for more details).  
Link to visit notes.


4. Click inside any text box. On your keyboard press Ctrl + Shift + P for windows and Cmd + Shift + P for Mac to see the 'Quick Phrases' menu (If your printer is displayed make sure that you have clicked inside a text box prior to the keyboard press). This also gives you directions and keyboard shortcuts. 
The quick phrases menu.

5. If you click 'Tab' on your keyboard you can create a new quick phrase. 
Creating a quick phrase.

6. Once you have created some quick phrases, type the abbreviation or select the quick phrase + enter to have the quick phrase added to your document. 
Adding a quick phrase to your document.