Ambiki Release Note: Improved Custom Form Building Experience

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Samuel Okoth 19 days ago

Date: 10/27/2023

We're excited to announce some improvements to custom forms. This release focuses on enhancing the custom form building experience through better organization, more intuitive settings, and richer formatting options.

These are the following changes at a glance:

  • Added "description" to each custom form component for tooltips in a component palette. 
  • Updated the component pop-up windows to use component data for title, icon, and description. 
  • Changed the patient Date of Birth (DOB) icon. 
  • Made preview instructions more obvious. 
  • Removed the "visual components" section and moved those components up to the standar component pallete. 
  • Renamed document components to smart components. 
  • Enabled rich text formatting in Instructional Text blocks for images/headings. 
  • Unhid Instructional Text blocks by default. 
  • Made checkboxes stacked by default. 
  • Turned off "Hide if empty" by default. 
  • Removed "(Optional)" text from checkbox components. 

Thank you for choosing Ambiki. We look forward to bringing you more updates.