Creating Minimal Pair Lists - A Type of Activity List

Creating Minimal Pair Lists - A Type of Activity List image
Last updated: January 14, 2022
There are two ways to create a minimal pair list on Ambiki.

1) Visit (or visit and click "Create new activity list" in the upper right). With this method you are creating a minimal pair list from scratch and you choose enter each minimal pair on a new line, with the pair separated by a hyphen and no spaces between the words and the hyphen (i.e. hello-jello). A title is required; a description is optional but recommended.

2) Visit and do a search for minimal pairs (based on a word A and word B you have in mind, or by using any of the other filtering mechanisms). If the number of results is under 100, then you will see a button appear in the top right "Create activity list from results". This will create an auto-generated minimal pair list for you based on the results of your current search criteria. The title and description will be automatically added for you; however, you can edit the activity list if you would like to change those or add or subtract any minimal pairs from the list.