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If a Resource or Activity List is Set to Public, Can Others Edit/Change It?

Others will only be able to view it or use it as is. They won't be able to edit/change it. Only the owner or an Ambiki moderator (in the approval process might add/edit tags, descriptions, etc.) ca...


Creating Minimal Pair Lists - A Type of Activity List

There are two ways to create a minimal pair list on Ambiki. 1) Visit (or visit and click "Create new activity list" in the u...


What Exactly is An Activity List and How Can It Be Used?

• Activity Lists are lists of phonemes, words, minimal pairs, phrases, sentences, and/or conversations mostly related to the specific resource on Ambiki website. Also includes OT concepts, PT exerc...


How Do I Use An Activity Lists As An Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist?

• Based on your clients' goals and objectives, find appropriate resources. On the resource page find associated activity lists. Play the activity list to see if any suggested ideas may be beneficia...


Content Licenses

When adding a resource, activity list, or goal to Ambiki's goal bank you will need to choose a license. If you intend for the content to remain private to you (which it is by default), you do not n...


How Do I Use Resources and Activity List Together?

Resources are PDFs with visuals and sometimes manipulatives that can be used in therapy both in person and via teletherapy. Activity lists are the different therapy tasks to target objectives in a ...


Creating Activity Lists

To create an activity list visit or select the green 'create new +' button on the right side of the screen. Then select activity lists. Once on the activity li...


Using/Searching Activity Lists

To search for an activity list: • Go to Ambiki's home page. • Click on the 'Resource' button on the left side panel.  Once on the activity list page, search for activity lists by typing in the se...