How Do I Set and Verify Attendance For a Patient

Last updated: September 25, 2023

How do I set and verify attendance for a patient 

To set and verify attendance for a patient, ensure you’re logged in to Ambiki and on the main dashboard: 

  1. On the left navigation, click on ‘Schedule’. 
Clicking on 'Schedule' on the left navigation.

2. Click on the event in the schedule that you would like to set attendance for. Select the patient(s) by clicking on the checkbox beside their name. Click on attendance. Set the status for the patient’s attendance - You can choose between ‘Present’, ‘Absent’, ‘Clinic canceled’, 'Client canceled', ‘No-show’ and ‘Other’.

Setting an attendance status.


3. If the patient's attendance status is Absent, Clinic canceled, Client canceled, No-show, or Other, please enter a reason (If the patient is ‘present’, you do not need to enter a reason). 
Adding a reason for the patient's attendance status.

4. You can verify attendance by hovering on the icon that appears beside the patient's name (This will also show the reason). 
Verifying attendance from the schedule.

5. You can also verify attendance by clicking on: Patients in the left navigation -> ‘View’ for the patient in question -> ‘Recent sessions’. You will see the attendance status as well as the reason by clicking on the information icon. 

Verifying attendance from the patient profile.