sc /sk/

A blend is two consonants that come together and they both keep their sounds.

The /sc/ blend appears in the following resources:

  • Articulation /s/ Blends Polka Dot Egg Worksheets For Easter preview

    Articulation /s/ Blends Polka Dot Egg Worksheets For Easter

    Sara Lowczyk

    Low ink, no prep /s/ blend words in polka dot eggs. Separated into their sounds (1 page for initial sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, combination final /s/ blends, 3 combination initial /s/ blend sheets,...


  • S-Blend Articulation Cards preview

    S-Blend Articulation Cards

    Breann Voytko

    Articulation Cards for S-Blends (sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw) in the initial position. 80 target words total.


  • /s/ Blend Christmas Trees preview

    /s/ Blend Christmas Trees

    Sara Lowczyk

    /s/ blend words in Christmas trees. Separated into their sounds (two trees for /sk/, /st/ etc), and two trees with mixed blends).


  • /s/ Blend Combo Coloring Pages preview

    /s/ Blend Combo Coloring Pages

    Sara Lowczyk

    18 coloring pages with a mix of all /s/ blends.


  • S Blends Visual and Activity preview

    S Blends Visual and Activity

    Jessica Lenden-Holt

    "s" blend visual activity with target blends and word endings.


  • /s/-Blends Word List preview

    /s/-Blends Word List

    Breann Voytko

    /s/-blends in the initial, medial, and final positions


  • Sc /sk/ Blend preview

    Sc /sk/ Blend


    Articulation Resource. Speech Resource. SLP. Articulation cards for the "sc" /sk/ blend in the initial position. Each card contains one word and associated image. Words: scuba, scorpion, scale, sca...


  • Silly /s/ Blend Valentine preview

    Silly /s/ Blend Valentine

    Sara Lowczyk

    A valentine activity with /s/ blend cut outs.


  • Space /s/ Blends Coloring Worksheet preview

    Space /s/ Blends Coloring Worksheet

    Sara Lowczyk

    A homework coloring sheet with 10 space-related /s/ blends in stars.