How Do I Turn On Automated Insurance Billing So That My Claims Automatically Submit?

To turn on automated billing:
  • Go to the organization menu dropdown
  • Click on 'Edit Organization' 
  • Click on 'Organization EMR Settings'
  • Scroll to the bottom to Insurance Billing
  • Select from the dropdown when you would like claims to be submitted (immediately, with a delay, manually)
  • Make your selection and click 'Save Organization' at the bottom

Insurance Billing Automation Setting

To ensure that automated billing works correctly, please ensure you are adding billing details and signing to your visit notes - as your signature and the billing information are the two triggers for automated billing. 

  • To sign your notes, simply open the note and click 'Sign visit note' at the bottom of the page 
  • To add billing details, with your visit note open in front of you, click on 'Actions' (top right hand corner)
  • Click 'Billing'
  • Confirm billing details (location, billing code, units, duration)

Billing details on visit note