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Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Items such as visual schedules, manipulatives, sign, or pictures to assist in the set-up, process, or clean-up of a mealtime.

Reference links

  • AAC and Teletherapy: Links to Blogs and Videos For Telepractice 1
    List of Blogs and Videos to help you get started with Telepractice and AAC Virtual AAC Training: Teletherapy & Distance Learning Edition : PrAACtical AAC https://praacticalaac.org/praactical/virtual-aac-training-teletherapy-distance-learning-edition/ How I Do It: Pivoting to Teletherapy for AAC Learners : PrAACtical AAC https://praacticalaac.org/praactical/how-i-do-it-pivoting-to-teletherapy-for-aac-learners/ How I Do It: Functional Ideas for AAC Use at Home : PrAACtical AAC https://praacticalaac.org/praactical/how-i-do-it-functional-ideas-for-aac-use-at-home/ AAC Learning at a Distance : PrAACtical AAC https://praacticalaac.org/praactical/aac-learning-at-a-distance/ Teletherapy Activity Ideas for Clients who use AAC — Tennessee Talks https://www.tennesseetalks.org/blog/teletherapy-activity-ideas-for-clients-who-use-aac AAC and Teletherapy – AAC Community https://aaccommunity.net/caac_slp/aac-and-teletherapy/ How to run Telehealth AAC sessions https://youtu.be/3gIE12L_1lU AAC Teletherapy Activities with Integrated Modeling https://youtu.be/vYAvV1Ipz1k TeleTips From My Side of the Screen https://youtu.be/Cq46qf39S_I Deep Dive from My Side of the Screen https://youtu.be/goCNhuMALOU


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