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The ability to stay upright when sitting or standing without falling over. Balance is looked at statically (sitting or standing still) and dynamically (sitting or standing while moving or being moved) and eyes open vs eyes closed. There are three main things our body uses to maintain balance: proprioception (knowing where your feet are), vision (seeing where you are), and vestibular (the rocks and fluid in your ear).

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    Dana Parker


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Goal Bank

  • Aundrea will demonstrate increased lower/upper extremity and trunk strength through independent functional play activities in various positions, including standing, kneeling, prone, and squatting, without loss of balance 6/6 trials for 6-6 minutes over 6 therapy sessions.
  • Tynisha will demonstrate independent standing within 6-6 minutes for 6/6 trials while holding toys in hands with no loss of balance over 6 therapy sessions to demonstrate strength and balance.

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