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Physical or Verbal Protest

The act of pushing food off table or plate, physically pushing away utensils presented, or verbally yelling, squirming, or saying “no” to food presentation.

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  • A Little PEP Goes a Long Way In the Treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders 2
    Author: Teresa Boggs and Neina Ferguson - Feeding disorder in young children is a growing concern, particularly feeding challenges with sensory and/or behavioral underpinning. These feeding disorders are characterized by food refusal, anxiety when presented with novel foods, failure to advance to textured foods, and inappropriate mealtime behaviors. The Positive Eating Program (PEP) was developed to remediate feeding disorders by providing rich experiences in food vocabulary, positive sensory nonfood and food activities, and structured and predictable through trials

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  • Within 6 months, Gabby will increase intake of a variety of nonpreferred proteins, fruits, and vegetables by consuming 5 /6 bites of nonpreferred proteins, fruits, and vegetables with moderate cueing in a therapy session with no aversions (i.e. gagging, etc.) across 4 consecutive sessions in order to increase the nutritional variety of diet. 0


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    Feeding Resource. Sensory Resource. Feeding Therapy Resource. Children who are picky eaters or problem feeders may experience difficulty with new foods (taste, texture, smell, etc.). The eating hie...

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