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Expanding Variety

Taking a restricted diet and adding different textures, temperatures, food groups, or brands to better meet nutritional needs.

Activity List(s)

Goal Bank

  • Given sensory strategies (i.e., steps for eating, visual supports, etc.), Lanita will tolerate kissing non-preferred foods in 3 /4 trials across 3 consecutive therapy sessions with decreasing prompts as measured by observation and data collection in order to expand her diet to include meat and vegetables. 3
  • Within a 6 months, Dianna will improve food variety by working through the sensory hierarchy (i.e. tolerate in room, smell, taste, chew, swallow, etc.) for nonpreferred items 8 or more times during a treatment session or during mealtimes at home with minimal cueing to support desensitization and increase nutritional variety over 6 consecutive sessions. 0
  • Taylor will identify both food and food related vocabulary with 80% accuracy given minimal support from the clinician over 3 of 5 sessions. 0
  • Joe will improve mealtime behaviors (Throwing food, etc. ) by accepting non-preferred foods on a plate in 8/10 times with given moderate cues and models across 3 consecutive sessions and per caregiver report to be able to participate in group meal time with friends and family. 0
  • Jarred will accept table foods from all food groups (fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, grain) in 3/5 food groups, to expand variety, over 6 therapy sessions. 3
  • Marcelino will progress through the therapist and family-designed food chains and the sensory hierarchy (touch, kiss, lick, bites, chew, swallow) in order to tolerate a variety of age-appropriate table foods in 90% of trials over a 5 week therapy period. 2


  • Snowman Soup preview

    Snowman Soup

    Haley Simpson, M.S., CCC-SLP

    Fun winter recipe to encourage positive interactions with various food items for your more selective eaters. Recipe can be made at home, during therapy, or all ingredients can be placed in small ba...


  • Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light preview

    Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light

    Haley Simpson

    Visual resource for feeding therapy to categorize current foods in a child's diet and achieve full inventory list of accepted or non-preferred foods.