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Sense of touch/pressure.

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Related Disorder(s)

  • Sensory processing disorders - Sensory processing disorder is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses.

Goal Bank

  • Jospeh will increase overall awareness in the oral cavity through vibration, so as to increase willingness to accept feeding and swallowing experiences 3 times a session over consecutive sessions as measured by clinician data and observation. 2
  • Given sensory strategies (i.e., steps for eating, visual supports, etc.), Lanita will tolerate kissing non-preferred foods in 3 /4 trials across 3 consecutive therapy sessions with decreasing prompts as measured by observation and data collection in order to expand her diet to include meat and vegetables. 3


  • Eating Hierarchy preview

    Eating Hierarchy 2


    Feeding Resource. Sensory Resource. Feeding Therapy Resource. Children who are picky eaters or problem feeders may experience difficulty with new foods (taste, texture, smell, etc.). The eating hie...

    Includes activity list
  • Touch/Kiss/Bite/Lick Checklist preview

    Touch/Kiss/Bite/Lick Checklist 2

    Alyssa Sadler

    Feeding therapy resource visual. Teletherapy. In-person. Put stickers or check marks in the boxes to have the child reach 10.

  • Snowman Soup preview

    Snowman Soup 1

    Haley Simpson, M.S., CCC-SLP

    Fun winter recipe to encourage positive interactions with various food items for your more selective eaters. Recipe can be made at home, during therapy, or all ingredients can be placed in small ba...