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Alternating Movements

Using the two extremities in alternating motions. You will see alternating bilateral coordination with swimming or climbing a ladder. Activities to work on this skill include: Riding a bike; Marching.

Reference links

  • Interlimb (Bilateral) Coordination and Academic Performance In Elementary School Children 0
    Author: Sheila Cristina Da Silva Pacheco 1, Carl Gabbard 2, Lilian Gerdi Kittel Ries 1, Tatiana Godoy Bobbio 3 - There was a significant difference between groups for Total Motor Composite (P < 0.001), favoring the high group. On regression analysis, there was a significant association between academic performance and Body Coordination. Of the subtests of Body Coordination (Bilateral Coordination and Balance), Bilateral Coordination accounted for the highest impact on academic performance. Of interest here, that subtest consists primarily of gross motor tasks involving interlimb coordination. Conclusion: Overall, there was a positive relationship between motor behavior, in particular activities involving interlimb coordination, and academic performance. Application of these findings in the area of early assessment may be useful in the identification of later academic problems.
  • Bilateral Coordination Activities 1
    Author: The OT Toolbox - These bilateral coordination activities are bilateral movement strategies to help kids demonstrate bimanual coordination skills.
  • Effects of Exercise and Physical Activity On Anxiety 1
    Author: Elizabeth Anderson1 and Geetha Shivakumar1,2, - Exercise and cognitively based distraction techniques were shown to have equal effectiveness at reducing state anxiety, however, exercise was more effective in reducing trait anxiety (Petruzzello et al., 1991).

Activity List(s)

Visual Schedule Cards

Goal Bank

  • Mara will actively participate and follow directions to maintain prone prop over a supportive device (ball, swing, wedge) for 10 minutes at a time in 4 /5 trials, with visuals and min verbal assistance to increase body strength and awareness. 0
  • To improve bilateral coordination, Albert will independently cut around simple shapes within 1/8" and no more than 3 deviations from line on 4 of 5 opportunities. 2
  • Dana will demonstrate improved postural stability and cores strength, as evidenced by 30% increase in participation in climb/mount age-appropriate play equipment with modeling and min verbal assistance in 3 /4 trials. 0
  • Jane will actively participate and complete 10 min of upper body strengthening activities, including animal walk, plank, inchworm, and similar weight-bearing activities with modeling in 4 /5 sessions, to increase upper-body strength and awareness. 0


  • Farm Animal Moves preview

    Farm Animal Moves

    Whitney Castle

    Have fun exercising while moving and acting like farm animals! This can be done for so many seconds or minutes or even to music for a game of freeze.