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Impulse Control

Impulse control is a skill used to resist or control urges, desires, etc. Impulse control is an important skill beginning in early childhood. For example, a child is taught to resist the urge to take a toy from a peer, hit when upset, or run across the street when the ball rolled away. Adults use impulse control to maintain a healthy diet, stay calm when upset or frustrated at work, buy an expensive item at the store, etc. Impulse control is addressed by occupational therapists to maintain safety, positive social relationships, and succeed in daily occupations.

Reference links

  • Effects of Exercise and Physical Activity On Anxiety 1
    Author: Elizabeth Anderson1 and Geetha Shivakumar1,2, - Exercise and cognitively based distraction techniques were shown to have equal effectiveness at reducing state anxiety, however, exercise was more effective in reducing trait anxiety (Petruzzello et al., 1991).

Activity List(s)

Visual Schedule Cards

Goal Bank

  • Given 1" blocks, Conchita will stack a tower of 5/6 blocks without throwing them on 3 out of 4 attempts as measured by observation and data collection to demonstrate impulse control and visual-spatial skills, over 6 therapy sessions. 2
  • Sarah will cut across a piece of paper in 4/5 trials in 4 /5 sessions, with minimal assistance and 25% verbal cues to promote separation of sides of hands and eye-hand coordination for optimal participation in a school setting. 0
  • Milo will engage in a tabletop task for 10 minutes to successfully participate in classroom dynamic, with visual and 50% verbal redirection to task, in 4/5 trials. 0


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