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Organization can refer to maintaining physical organization of materials or organization of thoughts. Organization is important in daily activities in order to stay attentive, aware of one’s schedule and plans, find important or required materials for tasks, and to complete tasks efficiently. Occupational therapists can help individuals determine and utilize strategies for organization in a variety of settings (school, home, work, etc.).

Activity List(s)

Visual Schedule Cards

Goal Bank

  • Cecilia will utilize compensatory strategies (e.g., write/draw items, repeat words, visualize) to increase verbal memory of 5 or more items during timed intervals (e.g., 5 minute up to 5 day) with 80% accuracy and moderate cues for 4 sessions over 3 weeks of therapy. 1
  • In order to improve meal preparation, Peter will create a recipe book with 8 recipes with virtual assistance by the end of 3 sessions. 0
  • With the use of information-based strategies such as schedules, calendar alerts, visuals of energy levels and regulation strategies, and bullets of the activity flow, Rhoda will meet physiological and physical needs related to eating, going to the bathroom, and recess with 80% modeling, in 4 /5 opportunities, in 2 months. 0
  • Sadye will identify appropriate time and strategies for completing tasks in a timely manner independently in 4 out of 5 opportunities across 3 consecutive sessions to improve executive functioning abilities. 2


  • Fine Motor Activities 2021 preview

    Fine Motor Activities 2021

    Glenna Nave

    Two activity sheets for the new year.


  • Thanksgiving Menu preview

    Thanksgiving Menu

    Glenna Nave

    Handwriting Resource. Fine Motor Resources. Writing Worksheet. Occupational Therapy Resource. Use this Thanksgiving menu activity to practice handwriting skills.

    Includes activity list


  • Back to School Word Hunt preview

    Back to School Word Hunt

    Bethany Ayer

    A quick 1 page printout to get back in the 'back to school' mindset. Have your client write as many items as they can think of for each category.

    Includes activity list


  • Chick-Fil-A Menu preview

    Chick-Fil-A Menu

    Glenna Nave

    Pictures of Chick-fil-A menu with item name and pricing information.


  • Kiki's Holiday Breakfast Story preview

    Kiki's Holiday Breakfast Story

    Bailey Morgan, MA, CCC-SLP

    A story about Kiki who is planning to make breakfast for the holidays. The story focuses on planning, making lists, requesting, problem solving, following a recipe, and more.

    Includes activity list