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Planning is a cognitive skill which involves thoughts and ideas which will help reach a goal. Figuring out the steps required to reach the goal are also part of the planning processes. Planning is important in completing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, completing homework or a project, getting to work on time, etc. Occupational therapists can work on the skill of planning as it relates to any daily routine or activity which is important to an individual.

Activity List(s)

Visual Schedule Cards

Goal Bank

  • Peter will participate in clubs and organizations to enhance his social participation among his peers, 3 /5 times by May 5, 2023 . 0
  • Given supervision, Ramiro will follow 5 steps 5 of 10 steps in a recipe to make a simple recipe to demonstrate executive function skills such as planning, problem-solving, and task initiation over 3 therapy sessions. 1
  • Peter will improve his mental health by advocating for his participation in enjoyable occupations such as meditation 2 days out of a week by May 5, 2023 . 0
  • Cecilia will utilize compensatory strategies (e.g., write/draw items, repeat words, visualize) to increase verbal memory of 5 or more items during timed intervals (e.g., 5 minute up to 5 day) with 80% accuracy and moderate cues for 4 sessions over 3 weeks of therapy. 1
  • Costa will take active participation in purposeful activities by determining the duration of activities using multimodal communication methods (e.g., speaking, writing, typing, pics, or gesturing), assuming that partners are responsive to all communication attempts AND use multimodal communication reciprocally for interaction, with 80% modeling, in 4 /5 opportunities, in 3 months. 0
  • Peter will sequence teeth brushing visual schedule cards in the correct order with 2 verbal prompts by March 5, 2023 . 0
  • In order to improve meal preparation, Peter will create a recipe book with 8 recipes with virtual assistance by the end of 3 sessions. 0
  • Peter will list 2 supplies needed to brush his teeth with a visual schedule available within 2 minutes by March 5, 2023 . 0
  • With the use of information-based strategies such as schedules, calendar alerts, visuals of energy levels and regulation strategies, and bullets of the activity flow, Rhoda will meet physiological and physical needs related to eating, going to the bathroom, and recess with 80% modeling, in 4 /5 opportunities, in 2 months. 0


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