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The ability to to self-monitor oneself and monitor actions, behaviors, and thoughts as they happen. This also affects one's ability to problem solve.

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  • Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Social–Emotional Learning Program On Psychosocial Adjustment and Neuropsychological Maturity In Kindergarten Children 2
    Author: Moreno Gomez, and Cejudo - Our findings suggest that mindfulness programs may be effective in promoting psychosocial adjustment and improving neuropsychological variables in young children. MindKinder program could enhance self-control and consequently decrease maladaptive behaviors like aggression, hyperactivity, anxiety, attention deficit, academic problems, and disruptive behavior. Improvement in social skills could be due to enhanced regulation of the intra- and inter-personal emotions fostered by the program. Improved non-verbal development, visual perception and attention processes. Citation: Moreno Gomez, Alfonso José & Cejudo, Javier. (2019). Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Social–Emotional Learning Program on Psychosocial Adjustment and Neuropsychological Maturity in Kindergarten Children. Mindfulness. 10. 111-121. 10.1007/s12671-018-0956-6.

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Goal Bank

  • Given direct OT intervention with fading prompts, Margie will improve body awareness as evidenced by maintaining proper distance from peer when walking in a line 90% of the time out of 3/5 opportunities. 2
  • Peter will improve his mental health by advocating for his participation in enjoyable occupations such as meditation 2 days out of a week by May 5, 2023 . 0
  • Hannah will cut simple shapes within a 1/4 ” of the line in 4/5 trials with minimal assist and 25% verbal cues to promote separation of sides of hands and eye-hand coordination for optimal participation in a school setting. 0


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    Zones of Regulation Activities

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    List of activities to be used with each color zone to get back to the green zone.

    Includes activity list


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    Kiki's Mood Match

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    Emotional Regulation Resource. Mindfulness Resource. This is a two page document that uses concepts from the Zones of Regulation to identify emotions within yourself and others. This could also dou...