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Movement Changes

The ability to change from one type of movement (involving large muscles in the body) to another.

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Goal Bank

  • Jane will actively participate and complete 10 min of upper body strengthening activities, including animal walk, plank, inchworm, and similar weight-bearing activities with modeling in 4 /5 sessions, to increase upper-body strength and awareness. 0
  • Peter's routine will be modified by incorporating 3 movement breaks during the school day in order to enhance attention by March 5, 2023 . 0


  • Wild Wednesday Animal Moves preview

    Wild Wednesday Animal Moves 2

    Whitney Castle

    Have fun acting out these wild animal moves

  • Kiki Blossoms Into Spring preview

    Kiki Blossoms Into Spring 3

    Bethany Ayer

    Physical Therapy Resource. Exercise Resource. Movement Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Blossom with Kiki using these exercises as a session outline or warmup activity.

Reference links

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