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Movement Changes

The ability to change from one type of movement (involving large muscles in the body) to another.

Reference links

  • Interventions Within the Scope of Occupational Therapy Practice to Improve Motor Performance For Children Ages 0–5 Years: A Systematic Review 2
    Author: Tanner, Schmidt, Martin, & Bassi - Themes: Early intervention for children younger than age 3 yr, interventions for preschool children ages 3–5 yr, and interventions for children with or at risk for cerebral palsy. Occupational therapy practitioners may consider using NIDCAP, home-based parent coaching, massage, home programming, and CareToy for children younger than age 3 yr; video games, preschool programs, and movement breaks for children ages 3–5 yr; and EI, CIMT, and BIT or child- and context-focused interventions for children with CP ages 3–5 yr. Interventions for children younger than age 3 yr should actively include parents during interventions and in home program development. For children with CP, interventions should use components of motor learning, specifically emphasizing goal-oriented, activity-based therapy and frequent task practice. Citation: Kelly Tanner, Elizabeth Schmidt, Kristen Martin, Margaret Bassi; Interventions Within the Scope of Occupational Therapy Practice to Improve Motor Performance for Children Ages 0–5 Years: A Systematic Review. Am J Occup Ther March/April 2020, Vol. 74(2), 7402180060p1–7402180060p40. doi: https://doi.org/10.5014/ajot.2020.039644
  • Effects of Exercise and Physical Activity On Anxiety 1
    Author: Elizabeth Anderson1 and Geetha Shivakumar1,2, - Exercise and cognitively based distraction techniques were shown to have equal effectiveness at reducing state anxiety, however, exercise was more effective in reducing trait anxiety (Petruzzello et al., 1991).

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  • Jane will actively participate and complete 10 min of upper body strengthening activities, including animal walk, plank, inchworm, and similar weight-bearing activities with modeling in 4 /5 sessions, to increase upper-body strength and awareness. 0
  • Peter's routine will be modified by incorporating 3 movement breaks during the school day in order to enhance attention by March 5, 2023 . 0


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