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Scribbling is a prewriting skill typically developed around 1-2 years. Scribbling is beneficial in helping children become interested in drawing and using writing tools.

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  • First Day of School Activities preview

    First Day of School Activities 4

    Bethany Ayer

    Caregivers Handout. Teacher Handout. An easily scalable exercise with the First Day of School theme.

    Includes activity list
  • Easter Activities preview

    Easter Activities 2

    Krystan Inman

    Easter worksheets addressing various goals such as visual skills, pre writing, and handwriting.

  • Letter Box Matching - Farm Animals preview

    Letter Box Matching - Farm Animals 2

    Glenna Nave

    Handwriting Resources. Fine Motor Worksheet. Visual processing Resources. Occupational Therapy Resources. Following the Size Matters Handwriting Program, match the words on the right to the correct...

  • Pre Writing Tracing preview

    Pre Writing Tracing 1

    Krystan Inman

    Pre-writing skills are the fundamental skills children need to develop before they are able to write. These skills contribute to the child's ability to hold and use a pencil, and eventually the abi...

  • Pencil Control Exercises- Vertical Lines preview

    Pencil Control Exercises- Vertical Lines 1

    Glenna Nave

    Writing Resource. Pre-writing Worksheet. Fine Motor Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. OT. Pencil Control. Directions: connect the dots while keeping marks inside the pathway.

  • Earth Day Activities preview

    Earth Day Activities 2

    Krystan Inman

    Earth Day packet addressing handwriting, visual skills, problem solving, and motor control.

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  • Handwriting Development, Competency, and Intervention 0 Author: Feder, & Majnemer - Handwriting difficulties may be the result of intrinsic factors such as poor component skills, extrinsic considerations such as academic environment and biomechanics. Developmental Stages of Handwriting: Scribbling Imitating vertical strokes (age 2y) Imitating horizontal strokes (age 2y 6mo) Imitating circles (age 3y). Imitating and copying a cross (age 4y) Copying square (5) Copying triangle (5y 6mo) Quality Development: Quickly (grade 1 6–7y) and plateau (grade 2 7–8y). Automatic, organized, tool for idea development (grade 3 8-9y) Speed of writing is somewhat linear Handwriting measures: Letter formation, spacing, size, slant, and/or alignment, speed, Citation: Feder, & Majnemer, A. (2007). Handwriting development, competency, and intervention. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 49(4), 312–317. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1469-8749.2007.00312.x