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Postural Stability

Postural stability is the ability to control the body position in space for the purpose of movement and balance and to maintain an upright position.

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  • The Impact of An Occupational Therapy–Based Handwriting Program For a Preschool Student 0
    Author: Breanna Taylor, Hailey Speight, Margaret McKinney, Elizabeth Carter, Lesly James, Denise Donica - Population: Pre K Results: Improvements in letter formation and posture. Learning the structure of each letter and how to increase fine motor abilities. Implication: A structured, occupational therapy led handwriting program with ongoing collaboration and coaching maximizes student performance Citation: Breanna Taylor, Hailey Speight, Margaret McKinney, Elizabeth Carter, Lesly James, Denise Donica; The Impact of an Occupational Therapy–Based Handwriting Program for a Preschool Student. Am J Occup Ther August 2020, Vol. 74(4_Supplement_1), 7411515453p1. doi: https://doi.org/10.5014/ajot.2020.74S1-PO9130

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Goal Bank

  • Peter will utilize a crash pad during school day 3 /4 times a day to meet the need for proprioceptive input to promote safe gross motor participation, increase core strength, and enhance attention by May 5, 2023. 0
  • Peter will remain seated during circle time at school with the usage of a wobble cushion for 5 minutes 4 /5 days a week by the end of the 9 weeks to enhance their role as a student and their attention in academic learning. 0
  • In order to improve upper body control and strength, Peter will complete a floor puzzle with static lower body and dynamic upper body sit to reach with 3 physical prompts in 10 minutes by March 5, 2023 . 0


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