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Design Replication / Puzzles

Design replication and puzzles are ways to help patients build their visual motor skills.

Activity List(s)

Goal Bank

  • Tessa will accurately place 4 / 5 shapes into the form board in 4 /5 trials with setup assist and 25% verbal cues demonstrating improved visuomotor and spatial relationship skills for optimal participation in a school setting. 0
  • Hannah will copy block designs with visual cues with 5 - 7 blocks in 4 /5 trials with 25% verbal cues for increased precision and accuracy of distal finger skills for optimal participation in a school setting and during playtime at home. 0
  • In order to improve upper body control and strength, Peter will complete a floor puzzle with static lower body and dynamic upper body sit to reach with 3 physical prompts in 10 minutes by March 5, 2023 . 0
  • Shawn will improve in-hand manipulation skills by rotating the knob of puzzle piece for correct placement on puzzle board independently, on 3 out of 4 opportunities, per teacher/therapist report over 4 therapy sessions. 1
  • Given no more than 3 cues, Laticia will complete visual spatial activities including mazes, hidden pictures, find a word, etc. to improve visual motor skills with 90% accuracy as seen in 3/5 consecutive sessions. 3


  • Draw a Ladybug Resource preview

    Draw a Ladybug Resource

    Kimberly Luster, COTA

    Use this resource to draw a ladybug. Drawing and visuospatial skills are important foundational skills for handwriting.

    Includes activity list


  • Pencil Control Exercises- Vertical Lines preview

    Pencil Control Exercises- Vertical Lines

    Glenna Nave

    Writing Resource. Pre-writing Worksheet. Fine Motor Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. OT. Pencil Control. Directions: connect the dots while keeping marks inside the pathway.