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Visual Processing Skills

These skills include how the eyes move and collect information. These are visual skills that take in and use the information in order to process that input. Visual skills include visual tracking, convergence, saccades, visual fixation, and visual attention. A component of visual processing includes visual efficiency. This refers to the effective use of that visual information.

Goal Bank

  • Given no more than 3 cues, Laticia will complete visual spatial activities including mazes, hidden pictures, find a word, etc. to improve visual motor skills with 90% accuracy as seen in 3/5 consecutive sessions. 3
  • Danny independently complete 1-20 dot-to-dot design with success of min 1 /8 " away from the dots, in 4 of 5 trials, with 80% verbal cues to improve visual perception and graphomotor skills. 0
  • Darrel will imitate and copy 6 / 8 vertical and horizontal strokes in 4 / 5 trials with min assist and 25% verbal cues for improved graphomotor skills while maintaining a tripod grasp without thumb wrap and with open web space for optimal participation in a school setting. 0
  • Hannah will copy block designs with visual cues with 5 - 7 blocks in 4 /5 trials with 25% verbal cues for increased precision and accuracy of distal finger skills for optimal participation in a school setting and during playtime at home. 0
  • Sarah will cut across a piece of paper in 4/5 trials in 4 /5 sessions, with minimal assistance and 25% verbal cues to promote separation of sides of hands and eye-hand coordination for optimal participation in a school setting. 0
  • Ian will successfully copy 6/8 shapes (circle, triangle, square, cross) in 4 /5 trials with min assist and 25% verbal cues for increased graphomotor skills while maintaining an open web space, for optimal participation in a school setting. 0
  • Jane will pick up small objects using an inferior pincer grasp and successfully place them into a container with their thumb and fingers using her right-hand 3 times in 4 /5 treatment sessions with setup assist and 30% verbal cues for increased grasp and release accuracy. 0
  • Tessa will accurately place 4 / 5 shapes into the form board in 4 /5 trials with setup assist and 25% verbal cues demonstrating improved visuomotor and spatial relationship skills for optimal participation in a school setting. 0


  • Thanksgiving Visual Activity Pack preview

    Thanksgiving Visual Activity Pack 1

    Krystan Inman

    The worksheets attached include various visual exercises to complete. Finish the pattern allows you to first cut on the dotted line and then cut out 4 squares to then problem solve proper placement...

  • Dinosaur Mazes preview

    Dinosaur Mazes 5

    Kevin Dias

    A dinosaur maze activity for working on visual scanning or visual spatial activities in order to improve visual motor skills. The first maze is fairly simple and the second maze is a little harder.

  • Pumpkin-Visual Perception preview

    Pumpkin-Visual Perception 4

    Glenna Nave

    This worksheet contains 5 strips of pumpkins with arrows facing in different directions. This activity addresses visual motor integration, perceptual skills, and directionality.

    Includes activity list
  • Scan to Find: Farm Animals preview

    Scan to Find: Farm Animals 1

    Glenna Nave

    Visual Processing Resource. Scanning Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Scan each row from left to right to locate all of the selected animal.

  • Visual Scanning-Stars preview

    Visual Scanning-Stars 1

    Glenna Nave

    Worksheets. Practice visual scanning while locating numbers or letters on the page.

  • Find and Color- Back to School preview

    Find and Color- Back to School 1

    Glenna Nave

    Visual Discrimination Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Eye-hand. Visual Processing. Locate the eight selected images within the picture and color them in.

    Includes activity list
  • SMHP Star Worthy Capital Letters preview

    SMHP Star Worthy Capital Letters 1

    Glenna Nave

    Handwriting Worksheet. Fine motor Resources. Visual Processing Resources. Occupational Therapy Resources. Line Awareness Resources. Directions: circle the letter(s) in each row that is star worthy.

  • Scavenger Hunt preview

    Scavenger Hunt 1

    Krystan Inman

    A scavenger hunt is fun and can be rewarding. It can boost in self-confidence and offer a sense of accomplishment our children often need. It can build self-esteem and encourage children to mingle ...

  • Kiki's Bunny Match preview

    Kiki's Bunny Match 3

    Bethany Ayer

    Memory games can promote the development of: • Visual - figure ground skills • Visual -perceptual skills • Executive functioning • Visual discrimination

  • Draw a Pig With Kiki preview

    Draw a Pig With Kiki 2

    Bethany Ayer

    Drawing Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Use this resource to draw a pig. This can be used as a drawing, handwriting, and pre handwriting activity as well as for a visual-spatial exercise

    Includes activity list
  • Earth Day Activities preview

    Earth Day Activities 2

    Krystan Inman

    Earth Day packet addressing handwriting, visual skills, problem solving, and motor control.

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  • Visual Motor Skills 1 Author: The OT Toolbox - Here, you find a huge resource on visual motor skills including information, visual motor activities, and tools to support visual motor skill development in kids.   We have shared quite a few posts relating to vision and the integration of what the eyes see with motor movements. On this page, you will find a huge ... Read more