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Kneeling in various positions challenges our balance and engages our core and leg muscles. Different types of kneeling follow from easiest to hardest: short kneel (sitting on heels), tall kneel (toes and knees on floor with bottom not resting on heels), half kneel (start in tall kneel and bring one foot up and place it in front of you).

Activity List(s)

Goal Bank

  • John will transition from quadruped to short kneeling, with min supervision, in 1 minute(s) to enable upright transitions in 4/5 trials for 6 sessions to better participate in classroom floor games. 1
  • Lisa will reach for the object 5 xs with LUE, in a quadruped position, 4 /5 days in a week, in the classroom and other settings, with min supervision, to improve her gross motor skills and her participation in everyday life activities, in 6 weeks. 0
  • Kosta will pull to stand from a kneeling position, 5 x during the session with verbal cuing, to improve standing balance and core strength in 2 months. 0
  • Jane will hold an elbow plank, without dropping, for 5 seconds , 30 times a weeks, to improve core endurance. 1


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