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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Our balance can feel off or it feels like the room is spinning and you feel dizzy. Sometimes this can last for a few seconds (like getting off a spinning swing), but sometimes it can last for days at a time. When this happens, PT can help re-train your vestibular system, which is inside your ears! We help build all 3 areas in our body that help with our balance.

Goal Bank

  • Trey will orient head towards rattle, with verbal cuing, with 75% success, for 30 seconds over 2 sessions, to improve spatial awareness for toy play. 1
  • Brady will get on and off of a raised surface with 25% min tactile support, in 3/4 opportunities to improve standing balancing skills, in 5 sessions. 0
  • In standing, Stephen will reach overhead across midline for objects, 4/5 times, with no assistance, without loss of balance, to improve safety and balance in the classroom, at home and playground, in 6 consecutive sessions. 0
  • Kosta will pull to stand from a kneeling position, 5 x during the session with verbal cuing, to improve standing balance and core strength in 2 months. 0