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Alternating Movements

PT helps make sure your body will perform alternating movements - like when you take a step with your right foot and your left arm swings forward or marching in place. This is controlled by your brain and its ability to do two things at once.

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Goal Bank

  • Mikayla will throw a baseball 15 feet with no cuing, to improve functional throwing range of motion, within 1 week. 1
  • Miles will demonstrate bilateral coordination as evidenced by completing 4 /6 symmetrical and reciprocal bilateral gross motor and fine motor tasks with 80% fluidity in 3 /4 trials, with modeling and min verbal assistance. 0
  • Lisa will reach for the object 5 xs with LUE, in a quadruped position, 4 /5 days in a week, in the classroom and other settings, with min supervision, to improve her gross motor skills and her participation in everyday life activities, in 6 weeks. 0
  • Ben will stack 6 blocks in 5 trials over 2 weeks, with Minimum assist and 80% verbal cues for increased precision and accuracy of distal finger skills for optimal participation/success in school setting. 1
  • Brett will move his arm from the side position straight into the air, 5 times for 6 sessions, to make asking questions in class easier. 0
  • Kurt will negotiate a multi-step obstacle course (e.g., balance beam, ramp, curb, stairs, climbing equipment) for 5 repetitions, with moderate assistance, in 6 consecutive sessions, to increase safe participation at the playground. 0
  • Brady will get on and off of a raised surface with 25% min tactile support, in 3/4 opportunities to improve standing balancing skills, in 5 sessions. 0
  • Tom will walk up and kick a medium size ball without losing balance in 3 /4 trials, with modeling and 25% min support in 4 sessions, to participate in a play with his peers. 0
  • Miles will negotiate up 1 flight of stairs, holding the handrail with one hand, with min to no assistance at least 3 /5 days in a week, to improve safety and independence in 2 months. 0
  • Jay will transition from short sit to stand with stand-by supervision and no UE support, 5 times per day, and 4 /5 days per week for 6 weeks to improve safe participation in indoor and outdoor activities. 0


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