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Symmetrical Movements

This is our brains ability to use both hands or both feet (or our right arm and leg or our left arm and leg) to do something - think of jumping jacks, dribbling a ball with two hands, or jumping down from a step with both feet. PT helps make sure we can use both sides or both arms or both feet at the same time. If you can't do it at the same time, it might because the sides of our brain aren't talking to each other like they should or it could be that one side is stronger than the other.

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Goal Bank

  • Tim will grasp a toy using BUE at midline in 3 / 5 treatment sessions, with Minimal assist and 80% verbal cues for increased grasp and release during playtime. 1
  • Miles will demonstrate bilateral coordination as evidenced by completing 4 /6 symmetrical and reciprocal bilateral gross motor and fine motor tasks with 80% fluidity in 3 /4 trials, with modeling and min verbal assistance. 0
  • Kim will safely perform 15 - jumping jacks, with min verbal prompting, 3/4 times per week, for 3 months, to improve extremity strength to join the playtime with her peers freely. 0


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    Have fun acting a bug with these moves! Perform as a timed activity (do each one for so many seconds) or play a freeze dance game to a favorite song

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  • "I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie" Yoga Activity preview

    "I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie" Yoga Activity 2

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    Read and move along to the book! Use the old lady to print and cut a circle/opening for her mouth or use on white board. Print and cut out food items to place in Old Lady's mouth or use food items ...

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  • Farm Animal Moves preview

    Farm Animal Moves 2

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    Have fun exercising while moving and acting like farm animals! This can be done for so many seconds or minutes or even to music for a game of freeze.

  • Super Hero Animal Interval preview

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    Have fun with these animal moves as a great exercise and gross motor activity. This activity can help with sensory/emotional regulation, calming techniques, balance, coordination, and strengthening...