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Gait mechanics describes what our joints are doing when the muscles move them. This can be looking at the arches of the foot, how your knees line up over your ankle, and how much movement occurs at the hips and trunk. If there is an issue with any of the gait mechanics, there are various ways to address it - with orthotics, exercises, and assisted devices. Within gait analysis, we are also looking at gait speed (how fast or slow you walk), step length, stride length, step time, step width, and how the muscles contract and relax during each part of gait.

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Goal Bank

  • Tony will ambulate 50 feet, 5 times over 2 week(s), with hand held assist for increased transitioning when ambulating in school. 1
  • William will walk 30 feet in the school environment (i.e., homeroom room to the school cafeteria/bathroom) with hand-held assistance 4/5 days per week in 2 months per teacher's report. 0
  • Luke will ambulate 3 steps with no external aid to increase his stamina and walking independence in 3 weeks. 1
  • Miles will negotiate up 1 flight of stairs, holding the handrail with one hand, with min to no assistance at least 3 /5 days in a week, to improve safety and independence in 2 months. 0


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