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Walking is usually seen by 18 months of age, but that's not where ambulation stops! PT also looks at walking up and down stairs, walking backwards, walking up and down ramps, walking over pliable surfaces (like grass, mulch, or trampolines), walking with adult patterns of gait, and running. If there's any difficulty in reaching these other walking milestones, that is when PT steps in to help correct and advance.

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  • Jess will ambulate 100 feet on an uneven surface without stumbling to improve dynamic balance by 2 weeks. 1
  • Luke will ambulate 3 steps with no external aid to increase his stamina and walking independence in 3 weeks. 1
  • William will walk 30 feet in the school environment (i.e., homeroom room to the school cafeteria/bathroom) with hand-held assistance 4/5 days per week in 2 months per teacher's report. 0
  • Tom will walk up and kick a medium size ball without losing balance in 3 /4 trials, with modeling and 25% min support in 4 sessions, to participate in a play with his peers. 0
  • Brady will get on and off of a raised surface with 25% min tactile support, in 3/4 opportunities to improve standing balancing skills, in 5 sessions. 0
  • Miles will negotiate up 1 flight of stairs, holding the handrail with one hand, with min to no assistance at least 3 /5 days in a week, to improve safety and independence in 2 months. 0


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