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Ball Skills

Ball skills start in infants throwing a ball and advance through catching a ball one handed. For PT, we look at our patients ability to and mechanics of throwing, catching, dribbling, and shooting a ball as they grow.

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Goal Bank

  • Tom will walk up and kick a medium size ball without losing balance in 3 /4 trials, with modeling and 25% min support in 4 sessions, to participate in a play with his peers. 0
  • Ryan will throw a baseball 20 feet with proper mechanics 10 times a day, for 2 week(s), to improve ball skills. 1
  • Jane will toss a ball underhand 6 feet with min assistance, 5 times over 4-5 sessions, to increase ball skills so that he can play better during recess. 0
  • Mikayla will throw a baseball 15 feet with no cuing, to improve functional throwing range of motion, within 1 week. 1


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