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Proprioception is the ability to close your eyes and know where a body part is without opening your eyes, even if someone moves that body part. It's knowing where your body is in space. This is important so we can move easily around lots of obstacles without tripping.

Activity List(s)

Goal Bank

  • Jessica will bend down from standing to pick up 5 items with 90% accuracy within 3 days over the 4 consecutive weeks, to improve coordination. 1
  • Benny will sit in short sitting, maintaining midline, with Supervision assist, for 90 seconds over 5 sessions, to improve static sitting balance in class. 1
  • Ben will stack 6 blocks in 5 trials over 2 weeks, with Minimum assist and 80% verbal cues for increased precision and accuracy of distal finger skills for optimal participation/success in school setting. 1
  • Kim will squat to pick up objects off the ground and return to upright with CGA and no UE supervision, 5 times per day, 4/5 times per week, for 2 months, to improve her gross motor skills and independence in the classroom. 0


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