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Being able to integrate multiple movements into one efficient movement. When you stand from a chair, you have to put your feet on the floor, lean forward, push with your legs, then straighten your back. Multiple movements happen quickly to become one big movement. Some kids have difficulty coordinating all the smaller movements into one big one. PT can help break down bigger tasks into smaller tasks to improve coordination.

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  • Caroline will sit upright, maintaining midline, with minimal support, hold 60 seconds for 8 sessions, to increase floor static stability for playtime functionality. 0
  • Ryan will throw a baseball 20 feet with proper mechanics 10 times a day, for 2 week(s), to improve ball skills. 1
  • Mara will actively participate and complete 10 min of upper-body strengthening activities, including animal walk, plank, inchworm, and similar weight-bearing activities with visual and min verbal cues, in 4 / 5 sessions, to increase upper-body strength and awareness. 0
  • Trey will orient head towards rattle, with verbal cuing, with 75% success, for 30 seconds over 2 sessions, to improve spatial awareness for toy play. 1
  • Kurt will negotiate a multi-step obstacle course (e.g., balance beam, ramp, curb, stairs, climbing equipment) for 5 repetitions, with moderate assistance, in 6 consecutive sessions, to increase safe participation at the playground. 0
  • Jess will ambulate 100 feet on an uneven surface without stumbling to improve dynamic balance by 2 weeks. 1
  • Mikayla will throw a baseball 15 feet with no cuing, to improve functional throwing range of motion, within 1 week. 1
  • Jessica will bend down from standing to pick up 5 items with 90% accuracy within 3 days over the 4 consecutive weeks, to improve coordination. 1
  • Kim will safely perform 15 - jumping jacks, with min verbal prompting, 3/4 times per week, for 3 months, to improve extremity strength to join the playtime with her peers freely. 0


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