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Execution is when your brain communicates with your muscles via nerves, and when your muscles move to actually do the task. PT can help your child to perform tasks by given tactile/physical cues to move a certain body part at a certain time.

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  • Tommy will imitate the therapists movement with no verbal cuing, with 75% success, for 90 seconds over 5 sessions, to improve cognitive motor planning for receiving instructions. 1
  • Sean will build a tower out of 10 blocks, with minimal assistance, for 5 sessions, to improve dexterity for building playtime. 1
  • Caroline will roll from supine to prone with minimum assistance, with 50% success to both sides, 10 times over 3 sessions, to improve floor mobility for playtime. 1
  • John will transition from quadruped to short kneeling, with min supervision, in 1 minute(s) to enable upright transitions in 4/5 trials for 6 sessions to better participate in classroom floor games. 1
  • After finishing activities for the day, Connor will perform static lower extremity stretches for 30 seconds each, 5 days a week, to improve flexibility and muscle relaxation. 0
  • Mikayla will throw a baseball 15 feet with no cuing, to improve functional throwing range of motion, within 1 week. 1
  • To increase participation during circle time games, Lauren will transition from supine to long sitting and hold for 2 minutes with no assistance in 5 sessions, per teacher’s report. 1
  • Jane will toss a ball underhand 6 feet with min assistance, 5 times over 4-5 sessions, to increase ball skills so that he can play better during recess. 0
  • Ben will stack 6 blocks in 5 trials over 2 weeks, with Minimum assist and 80% verbal cues for increased precision and accuracy of distal finger skills for optimal participation/success in school setting. 1
  • Jessica will bend down from standing to pick up 5 items with 90% accuracy within 3 days over the 4 consecutive weeks, to improve coordination. 1
  • Ryan will throw a baseball 20 feet with proper mechanics 10 times a day, for 2 week(s), to improve ball skills. 1


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