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Motor Planning

Motor planning is figuring out how your body will move to perform a task by taking each step, sequencing it appropriately and timing it to perform body movements smoothly. This is similar to coordination but looks at the brains ability to remember each step in a task and make it a set plan to happen every time. Physical therapy can help a child improve their ability to motor plan by breaking down big steps into tiny steps, giving your child different or similar tasks to complete, and providing sensory input.


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Goal Bank

  • Randall will jump down from a standard height step independently with 90% accuracy across 5 sessions in order to demonstrate improved motor planning.
  • Lesli will use a two-foot take-off with a vertical jump of at least 3" independently to demonstrate improved symmetrical use of body and motor planning over a 3 week therapy period.
  • Harvey will be able to complete age-appropriate gross motor activities (jumping, kicking, throwing) with proper form to participate in PE activities 4 out of 4 trials as measured by teacher/therapist observation and documentation over a 4 week therapy period.
  • Given supervision, Lloyd will climb on low play equipment on 4/4 opportunities as measured by therapist/teacher observation and documentation over 4 therapy sessions to improve strength and motor planning.
  • Kaley will demonstrate age-appropriate ball skills including catching with bilateral hands, throwing overhand/underhand, and kicking a ball with bilateral feet independently 80% of the time in 4/4 trials over 4 therapy sessions to demonstrate praxis and strength skills such as motor planning, core, and mobility.
  • Given single hand support, Ezequiel will walk up and down steps, demonstrating an alternate gait pattern with controlled stepping, and without loss of balance 4/4 attempts to improve core strength and motor planning, over 4 therapy sessions.
  • Given close supervision, Arnita will maintain sitting in a classroom chair for 5 minutes to participate in classroom activities on 5/5 opportunities as measured by therapist/teacher observation and documentation over 5 therapy sessions.
  • Carroll will demonstrate age appropriate gross motor skills independently within 6-6 minutes for 6/6 trials including pull to stand, standing, cruising and squatting through functional play for improved strength, balance and coordination over 6 therapy sessions.
  • Felecia will demonstrate transitions from floor (sit-stand, supine-sit, prone-sit, squat-stand) independently through functional play in order to increase strength throughout extremities and trunk and increase play participation 90% of the time in 5/5 trials over 5 therapy sessions.
  • Alex will demonstrate age-appropriate running pattern including distance, cadence, base of support independently on even/uneven surfaces with decreased loss of balance (LOB) 90% of the time in 4/4 trials, to demonstrate motor planning skills, over 4 therapy sessions.
  • Given faded cuing, Jane will demonstrate improved reciprocal coordination and motor planning with fast and slow-paced functional activities during PT, PE, and classroom setting, 4 of 4 visits as noted by PT/teacher over a 4-week therapy period to improve general motor planning skills.

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