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These exercises involve very little assistance from the physical therapist. The patient is entirely capable of performing these exercises, and most often, the therapist’s involvement is limited to verbal cues and directions on how to improve the posture and movement involved in the exercises.

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  • Brett will move his arm from the side position straight into the air, 5 times for 6 sessions, to make asking questions in class easier. 0
  • Claudine will demonstrate improved ankle/foot alignment in 3 out of 4 attempts either through movement/strengthening or through ankle-foot orthoses (AFO)s, in order to improve independence with transitions, standing, gait, and stair negotiation over 4 therapy sessions. 2
  • After finishing activities for the day, Connor will perform static lower extremity stretches for 30 seconds each, 5 days a week, to improve flexibility and muscle relaxation. 0
  • Hazel will accept weight through bilateral LE in a bench seat position with feet flat on the floor for at least 3 seconds with CGA to demonstrate improve active and passive ankle range of motion over 3 therapy sessions. 2
  • Ryan will throw a baseball 20 feet with proper mechanics 10 times a day, for 2 week(s), to improve ball skills. 1
  • Tim will grasp a toy using BUE at midline in 3 / 5 treatment sessions, with Minimal assist and 80% verbal cues for increased grasp and release during playtime. 1
  • Mikayla will throw a baseball 15 feet with no cuing, to improve functional throwing range of motion, within 1 week. 1


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