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In passive range of motion exercises, the patient does not perform any movement themselves; instead, the therapist moves the limb or body part around the stiff joint, gently stretching muscles and reminding them how to move correctly.

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Goal Bank

  • Hazel will accept weight through bilateral LE in a bench seat position with feet flat on the floor for at least 3 seconds with CGA to demonstrate improve active and passive ankle range of motion over 3 therapy sessions. 2
  • Claudine will demonstrate improved ankle/foot alignment in 3 out of 4 attempts either through movement/strengthening or through ankle-foot orthoses (AFO)s, in order to improve independence with transitions, standing, gait, and stair negotiation over 4 therapy sessions. 2
  • After finishing activities for the day, Connor will perform static lower extremity stretches for 30 seconds each, 5 days a week, to improve flexibility and muscle relaxation. 0