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Our muscles may be strong for a few seconds to jump really high, but that doesn’t mean they have the endurance to jump over and over again. PT works on strengthening our muscles so that they can last a long time- like running on the playground or climbing a big set of stairs.

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Goal Bank

  • Jane will hold an elbow plank, without dropping, for 5 seconds , 30 times a weeks, to improve core endurance. 1
  • Jane will toss a ball underhand 6 feet with min assistance, 5 times over 4-5 sessions, to increase ball skills so that he can play better during recess. 0
  • Theo will safely perform 20 push ups without falling, 5 days a week for 2 months, to improve upper extremity strength. 1
  • Caitlyn will safely climb a ladder at the playground with minimal assistance, 3 times a week, for 2 week(s), to improve overall strength and endurance. 1
  • To increase participation during circle time games, Lauren will transition from supine to long sitting and hold for 2 minutes with no assistance in 5 sessions, per teacher’s report. 1
  • Kara will stand on tiptoes, with minimal sway, for 10 seconds, 5 times over 5 sessions, to promote higher scores on the Peabody Developmental Motor Scale. 1
  • John will transition from quadruped to short kneeling, with min supervision, in 1 minute(s) to enable upright transitions in 4/5 trials for 6 sessions to better participate in classroom floor games. 1


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