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The ability to move around without compensation or pain. Mobility is important for all ages. For babies, mobility includes rolling, moving in a circle on their belly, crawling, taking sideways steps when holding onto furniture, and eventually walking. For kids, mobility is how well they can move from sitting or standing, climbing over obstacles, moving between desks at school, etc. There are lots of reasons a baby or child can have issues with mobility, and PT can help build the strength and endurance to improve mobility.

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  • Given minimal assistance Brendan will propel his wheelchair 6 feet through the classroom on 3/4 opportunities throughout the day as measured by therapist/teacher observation and documentation over 4 therapy sessions to demonstrate mobility and core strength. 2
  • Grant will demonstrate pull to stand at support surface independently with equal weight bearing through both legs and able to shift weight to both sides within 7-10 minutes of functional play activities and 3/4 trials to demonstrate core and mobility skills over 4 therapy sessions. 2
  • Randall will jump down from a standard height step independently with 90% accuracy across 5 sessions in order to demonstrate improved motor planning. 2
  • Katharine will be able to stand independently for 4-6 minutes while holding toy in both hands 3/4 trials without loss of balance in order to increase balance and LE/trunk strength over 4 therapy sessions. 2
  • Pamala will demonstrate sitting unsupported on flat surface independently within 6-10 minutes for 3/4 trials while playing with toys and reaching outside of the base of support with no loss of balance to improve trunk strength, balance, and protective responses over 3 therapy sessions. 2
  • Lesli will use a two-foot take-off with a vertical jump of at least 3" independently to demonstrate improved symmetrical use of body and motor planning over a 3 week therapy period. 2
  • Felecia will demonstrate transitions from floor (sit-stand, supine-sit, prone-sit, squat-stand) independently through functional play in order to increase strength throughout extremities and trunk and increase play participation 90% of the time in 3/4 trials over 4 therapy sessions. 4
  • Ulysses will demonstrate symmetry throughout transitions, movement, standing, and ambulation in order to improve strength equally and navigate throughout the environment in 3 out of 4 attempts over 4 therapy sessions. 2
  • Reinaldo will demonstrate age-appropriate and normalized gait pattern demonstrating decreased base of support, decreased high guard, and foot/ankle alignment x4 ft independently on level surface 3/4/ trials to access environment with no LOB over a 2 week period. 2
  • Given close supervision, Terica will crawl on hands and knees 5 feet in the classroom to access preferred toys on 3/4 days over 3 consecutive weeks as measured by therapist/teacher observation and documentation. 2
  • Kaley will demonstrate age-appropriate ball skills including catching with bilateral hands, throwing overhand/underhand, and kicking a ball with bilateral feet independently 80% of the time in 3/4 trials over 4 therapy sessions to demonstrate praxis and strength skills such as motor planning, core, and mobility. 2
  • Given supervision, Lloyd will climb on low play equipment on 3/4 opportunities as measured by therapist/teacher observation and documentation over 4 therapy sessions to improve strength and motor planning. 2
  • Harvey will be able to complete age-appropriate gross motor activities (jumping, kicking, throwing) with proper form to participate in PE activities 3 out of 4 trials as measured by teacher/therapist observation and documentation over a 3 week therapy period. 2
  • Claudine will demonstrate improved ankle/foot alignment in 3 out of 4 attempts either through movement/strengthening or through ankle-foot orthoses (AFO)s, in order to improve independence with transitions, standing, gait, and stair negotiation over 4 therapy sessions. 2
  • Chase will increase overall core strength for floor playtime, by crawling 15 feet, with no assist, to grab a toy, by the end of 1 month(s). 1
  • Brett will move his arm from the side position straight into the air, 5 times for 6 sessions, to make asking questions in class easier. 0
  • Jess will ambulate 100 feet on an uneven surface without stumbling to improve dynamic balance by 2 weeks. 1
  • John will transition from quadruped to short kneeling, with min supervision, in 1 minute(s) to enable upright transitions in 4/5 trials for 6 sessions to better participate in classroom floor games. 1
  • Joey will squat to the floor to retrieve light-weighted items with appropriate knee and hip flexion and return to standing 5 x without losing balance or use of hands to return to standing to demonstrate improvement in lower quarter strength for daily activities such as retrieving pencil from the floor over 5 therapy sessions. 2
  • Chung will perform bilateral rolling supine to prone and prone to supine with minimal assistance in 3 of 3 trials during 3 consecutive PT visits to demonstrate improved functional mobility. 2


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