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One or more extra sounds are added or inserted into a word (e.g., 'buhlack' for 'black').

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Goal Bank

  • Given visual and verbal stimuli, Jill will correctly produce VC/CV words first in imitation then spontaneously in syllables and words with 90% accuracy across 3 therapy sessions to improve speech intelligibility.
  • Mary will self-monitor and correctly produce speech sounds in words, structured word, and unstructured word with 80% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions with minimal cues to improve overall intelligibility.
  • Frances will produce the /l/ phoneme in the final, final, and final position of the word with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions with fading visual cues in imitative, then spontaneous sentences, sentences, and sentences moving on to expanded sentence levels, brief and longer monologues, and sentence when ready to demonstrate age-appropriate articulation over 3 therapy sessions.
  • Fermina will imitate age appropriate bilabial sounds (p,b,m) and age-appropriate consonants (n, w, h, t, k, f, g) in consonant+ vowel, vowel+consonant, consonant+vowel+consonant, and consonant+vowel+consonant+vowel combinations with 80% accuracy across 5 consecutive sessions to improve speech intelligibility.
  • Mauro will produce a variety of consonant-vowel combinations including CV, VC, CVC, and CVCV words with fading prompts in structured and play activities to improve speech intelligibility with 90% accuracy across 3 sessions.
  • Marline will correctly imitate, then spontaneously produce the /r/ phoneme (including s-blends) in all word positions in words, phrases, sentences, and finally conversation with 80% accuracy over 3 consecutive sessions in order to improve intelligibility.

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  • Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation and Phonology Author: The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association - The scope of this page is speech sound disorders with no known cause—historically called articulation and phonological disorders—in preschool and school-age children (ages 3–21).