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Children with speech impairments, especially apraxia, have difficulty as the words get longer and more complex with the sound combinations; adding syllables and difficulty to the words as they achieve high accuracy helps them learn how to better sequence sounds together (e.g., soup → super →superman).

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  • Whitney will develop and expand imitation skills, moving from imitation of motor patterns to imitation of vocal patterns and speech sounds with 90% accuracy across 3 sessions as measured by clinician data and observation to increase overall expressive language skills and speech intelligibility. 2


  • Monsters Love Candy! Apraxia Resource CV, VC, CVC Words preview

    Monsters Love Candy! Apraxia Resource CV, VC, CVC Words

    Sara Lowczyk

    A monster activity including different CV, VC, CVC words to practice different syllable shapes.

    Includes activity list


  • Kiki's Bunny Match preview

    Kiki's Bunny Match

    Bethany Ayer

    Memory games can promote the development of: • Visual - figure ground skills • Visual -perceptual skills • Executive functioning • Visual discrimination