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Abstract / Figurative Language / Idioms

Understanding non-literal language forms. Examples include: "It’s raining cats and dogs", "Fit as a fiddle"', or "Break a leg".

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  • Idioms and Speech and Language Therapy 1
    Author: David Clarke - For most of us, idioms are something we pick up naturally as we go through life, but for others, it can be a struggle to understand these seemingly random strings of words.

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Goal Bank

  • Tyler will identify the current state of emotion and expand on reasoning behind emotion with 80% accuracy given moderate cueing for 3 consecutive sessions. 0
  • Sadye will receptively identify and define abstract or figurative language, idioms, and multiple meaning words in context independently with 80% accuracy across 3 treatment sessions to improve language comprehension. 2
  • Tyler will identify basic emotions with 80% accuracy given moderate clinician support across 3 of 5 sessions. 0


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